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News Text, 30 March, 2004

Installed Lineage II. Received Open Beta Login account. Played about 8 hours today. Leveled to 9.66. Spoke with other Fs in game. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have created the in game Clan (guild). So far I'm very impressed with the game. PvP reminiscent of UO, with Karma points and open PvP. Some of the UI and PvE reminds me of DAoC. The map is very expansive and fun to explore. Warcry has a good listing of Quests.
News Text, 29 March, 2004

Applied for Lineage II Open Beta Testing. Downloaded the full size client (1.1 gb) from the website. Have yet to install it. Waiting for Beta key.
News Text, 19 March, 2004

Received email from Blizzard accepting me into WoW Beta Phase 2. I'll be getting the login information in a few weeks.
News Text, 17 March, 2004

Entered GuildWars Testing.

Created my Gaming Discussion Forums.
News Text, 11 March, 2004

My brother Ken got me hooked on DSLOA at his new years gameLAN party 2004. But the interest dropped off by the end of February 2004. I've revised this game page quite a bit, rarranged and added content. I've signed up for GuildWars Beta and hope to be playing soon. I'll probably pass on Star Wars Galaxies which some of the Fs are playing. There's also been mention of Lineage II, but I have't looked into it yet. They say there's an aweful level grind that gets annoying after level 20. Schlonglor from Warcraft II days invited into his guild to play WoW when it's released.

News Text, 16 September, 2003
I've avoided MMOGs for more than a year now. I beta tested Planetside for a short time, maybe a month. I haven't played Shadowbane, nor Star Wars Galaxies, games that fuckheads and Combine have been playing. I probably won't play them. I may be done with MMOGs altogether, since I started dating last year and have been fulfilled with real life since then, there's really no time left for 20-40 hours a week of games. But to satisfy my gaming craving, I've been playing UT and StarCraft with my brothers on local area nets.

Added DAOC history.

News Text, 10 July, 2002
I quit EverQuest in October 2001 and began to play Dark Age of Camelot with the FuckHeads from old UO days. I played with them for a couple months until not many of them were around. I joined the guild named Combine and played with them until about May 2002, when most of them moved to the PVP Server. DAoC lasted for me until June 2002 when I finally decided to take some time away from gaming and do some Real Life stuff for a change. The first thing I did was to put my Cessna 150 in the shop for an engine overhaul. Then I bought a Cessna 152 with full IFR radios. I plan on getting my IFR license next.

News Text, 9 September, 2001
EverQuest. Ceryx (Riana) was kind enough to draw a very impressive depiction of one of my characters in Everquest known as Scorpvenom. He is a Warlord in the guild Paradigm.

Excelsior: Name Origin
Iíve taken to using the name Excelsior as a nickname, aka, handle, and character name in many online arenas. Iíve also given my Cessna 150 that name. Of all the definitions and references (not forgetting Suluís Excelsior ship from Star Trek), the one most fitting to my choice is "Ever Upward". A favorite close second is "Super-excellent".

Ex*cel"si*or, a. [L., compar. of excelsus elevated, lofty, p. p. of excellere. See Excel, v. t. ] More lofty; still higher; ever upward.

Excelsior: Aim at higher things still. It is the motto of New York State, and has been made popular by Longfellow's poem so named. Used also as the synonym of super-excellent'.

Excelsior: ever upward (motto of New York State).

New York State Flag.

The U.S.S Excelsior, Cutaway view

The U.S.S Excelsior, In flight