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Spam or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email)

UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) is spam. One of my email accounts (and fortunately, only one - the others are currently safe) now has a spam reception rate of 1 per 10 minutes, or about 150 per day. So, I've begun research and a campaign to clean up that account.
Updated 01/18/05

Spammers Beware! - First U.S. Felony Conviction For Spam Law Violation Last month's conviction in Leesburg, Virginia, of a 30-year-old Raleigh, North Carolina, man and his sister was the first ever felony conviction for violation of anti-spam laws in the United States. The River Newsletter Jan 05

Updated 03/06/03

Of the email accounts that I have, dand oz net is the only account that regularly receives UCE. The ISP that serves that account is The River. They've contracted Postini services, so all my email is first sent there before to The River servers. Postini provides spam alerts, but no filtering and reporting services. Therefore, I've disabled spam detection by Postini. My solution is to install local software to provide those services. My solution is to enable my Linux box for this. It's running Fedora. Fetchmail gets the mail from oz.net, then calls spamassassin via procmail. Spamassassin tags and filters the spam, then forwards it to SpamCop for reporting. Remaining mail is sent via sendmail to the email clients. This process provides me with filtered email including statistics on UCE and reporting services. Additionally, I've installed SquirrelMail, for web based email client so I can remotely view my filtered email.

Updated 03/01/03

Signed up for SpamCop services. Every UCE I receive gets fowarded to SpamCop who generates UCE reports and sends them to the appropriate abuse@domain address. Hopefully, the ISPs that provide connectivity to the spammers, and the ISPs that host spamvertised sites will take action against spammers.

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