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Updated 21 Jun, 2010

Converted from contract to regular at Eldec in Lynnwood, WA.
Updated 26 Jul, 2008

Started contract position at Eldec in Lynnwood, WA in Sep 2007. Still seeking permanent FPGA designer position.
Updated 8 Aug, 2007

Last day at RadioFrame Networks, Inc was 31 May 2007. Seeking FPGA designer position.
Updated 13 January, 2007

Started 26 Jun 2006 at RadioFrame Networks, Inc as FPGA designer.
Updated 4 August, 2004

I've started a new position at Siemens Medical Solutions in Issaquah as a board level designer. Siemens is also a manufacturer of medical ultrasound equipment, so the work I am doing is very familiar. In addition to doing board level design work, I'm also still doing Xilinx FPGA design.
Updated 31 December, 2003

My last day at Philip's Ultrasound is 31 December 2003. I'm currently seeking a position as an FPGA Designer with 10+ years of experience using VHDL and Verlog in the advanced design of FPGA devices including Xilinx, Altera, Actel, and other FPGAs.
Updated 10 July, 2002

I am an Electronic Engineer and work at Philips Ultrasound (formerly Advanced Technology Laboratories) in Bothel, WA, a manufacturer of UltraSound Devices.

Previously, I designed Video Processors for CCTV applications for Security Systems at Advanced Technology Video, Inc in Redmond, WA. Prior to ATV, I worked at Loral Corporation Conic Division in San Diego. My area of concentration is video applications especially digital image processing. In this page, I've compiled a listing of companies in the Seattle area who employ electronic engineers with video applications experience.

I've been involved in all aspects of product design from initial product conception (including writing product specifications), through product development including board level design and enclosure specification, and on to prototyping, debugging, and system integration, and finally through to production. Continuing activities after initial product release include training and assisting production line technicians and customer support. I have a keen aptitude for debugging and troubleshooting with a proficient knowledge and use of lab and test equipment. During product development, issues under consideration have included reliability, manufacturability, design for test, EMI/EMC, and low cost.

After initial board level design, firmware and software design consumes the majority of the next phase of design. During this phase, most of my time has been spent developing FPGA designs for high speed digital image processing. Although I'm familiar with Xilinx, Altera, and other FPGA devices, I have 12 years experience using Xilinx and Actel FPGAs. Some of this experience has been developing highly die efficient designs with gate level schematic capture. Over the past 6 years I've primarily used VHDL and Verilog HDLs in my FPGA designs.