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Dan's Contact Information

Instant Messaging

I use Trillian for Instant Messaging. It supports AIM, YIM, ICQ, MSN, and IRC.
  • aimAIM: Excelsior2k4
  • icqICQ: 2054314
  • msnMSN: dand oz net
  • yimYIM: dand_excel

I can be contacted at the following email addresses
  • emaildand oz net - This is my primary 'publically published' email account address.
  • email Excelsior ExcelsiorsCastle com - This is my primary Gaming email account advertised to gaming acquaintances.
  • [private] comcast net - I use this when logging onto news, weather, and web based information services.
  • [private] comcast net - Primary Private Email (privately announced. email me for address).
  • [private] comcast net - My secondary off of Carol's account. Currently advertised to no one.

If you want my street address, billing address, ship to address, send me email.
  • Street Address - Unlisted.
  • Ship To Address - Unlisted.
  • Bill To Address - Unlisted.
Telephone Numbers

If you want my home phone, cell phone, work phone, send me email.
  • Home Phone - Unlisted.
  • Cell Phone - Unlisted.
  • Work Phone - Unlisted.

The entity known as Daniel Andrew Durbin is Copyright (C) 2004 by Daniel Andrew Durbin. All Rights Reserved. The collection, use, and distribution of personal information requires prior expressed consent, and is considered Confidential Information. This personal information includes but is not limited to the name Daniel Andrew Durbin when used in combination with any of the following: Location, Citizenship, Language, Nickname, Home Address, Home Telephone Number, Cell Phone Number, Date of Birth (Age), Social Security Number, Driver's Licence Number, Mother's Maiden Name, Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, High School Attended, College Attended, US Service History, Salary, Occupation, Marital Status, Photographs or Video containing the likeness of me, Employment History, Employer (Name, Address, Phone Number), Vehicle Licence Plate Number, Aircraft Tail Number, Financial Account Information, Credit Card Numbers and Data, Internet Service Account Information, Account Login Information (username and password).
Misuse of this information in anyway is subject to US State and/or Federal laws and is punishible fines and/or prison time.

Any or all of the following information may be used without prior consent.
  • Name: Daniel Andrew Durbin
  • Location: Washington State
  • Citizenship: United States of America
  • Language: English
  • Nickname: Excelsiore
  • Occupation: Electronic Engineer
  • Hobby: Private Pilot
  • Sexual Preference: Hetrosexual
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