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Guild Associations
  • Kali WoW After signing up for Wow Beta, I contacted Nebuchadnezzar who eventually sent me a guild invite. I'll be playing WoW beta sometime in April 2004. Initial roster include members from Kali Compton.
  • Fuckheads [website is down, checked 03/10/04] (Persistant through many games) - I first met these guys in UO (see below). I've hung with them on and off since 1997 in EverQuest, DAoC, and PlanetSide. Haven't followed them into SWG, but might see them again in WoW or Lineage2. Close friends include Theoren, Xylo, Skaught, Machiavelli, Mahavishnu_Bob, Brucifer, Xenalo, Trahkcol, Tesla, Grogan. Am acquainted with _Smoky, kromsluth, the guppys, the fishies, and many other members. Close associations include Hypoluxa, Ryva, Fina.
  • Combine (Persistant through many many games). I hooked up with this guild in DAoC and followed them into PlanetSide, but only for beta. They're still in the wait mode for a game worth getting everyone together and playing hardcore PvP.
  • Paradigm (EverQuest, Defunct). Sorn, Tallyn, and Aanani among others including Tannis and Jmellow created this guild and it was established around September, 1999 with about 20-25 members including my character Excelander. After a long 2.5 year 40-60 hour a week life with this guild, I departed to DAoC. The guild was pretty much an EQ only, and diminished as people switched servers, and left the game.