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Welcome to Dan's Home Page

Updated 4, August, 2004 - New Job, No Gaming, Wedding soon.

Started new job at Siemens Medical Systems in April and it's going well. Haven't been playing much online games recently, but I did play World of Warcraft Beta for a while. This summer in Seattle has had quite a few very hot days, including a few over 100 degrees. The wedding date is growing closer, a month and a half to go. Still working on getting the condo ready for sale. Lot's left to do.
Updated 26, March, 2004 - Domain Names

I finally got around to purchasing my first domain name. Excelsior's Castle is now up and running. The site name is based upon my online nickname, and the site will focus on online activities. Additionally, I purchased Dan and Carol's Place where you can come visit me and my fiance.
Updated 17, March, 2004 - EverQuest Picture Gallery

Added EverQuest Picture Gallery.
Updated 3, March, 2004 - SPAM! Ugh

UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) is spam. One of my email accounts (and fortunately, only one - the others are currently safe) now has a spam reception rate of 1 per 10 minutes, or about 150 per day. So, I've begun research and a campaign to clean up that account. For more information, use the link on the left column under topics for Spam.
Updated 15, February, 2004 - Goals for the year

Several changes are going on in my life this year. Here are some of my goals for 2004:
  • My Condominium goes up for sale before June 2004
  • New Job before June 2004
  • Wedding on 16 October, 2004
  • Sell Condo before November 2004
  • Move into Carol's house before November 2004
Updated 31, December, 2003 - FPGA Designer Seeks Job

I have been elected to participate in the Philip's Reduction In Force program. As such, my last day of employment at Philip's Ultrasound is 12/31/03. FPGA Designer seeks employment in the Seattle Area. I anticipate finding a new position in 3 to 6 months. In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy the time off since my time between jobs since High School has been minimul to none. This is the first time I've been able to enjoy some time off in between jobs and I'm loving it! However, bills must be paid, so I'll be hitting the streets pretty hard in March 2004.
Updated 29 December, 2003 - Dan Proposes!

I'm getting married! Yes, after dating Carol for a year and three months, I proposed to her this evening at the Canlis Resteraunt in the Cache room, a private dining room for just us. I pre-ordered a dozen roses and had them sent to the room 15 minutes after we arrived. When they arrived, I gave her a little blue box containing the ring which I bought from EE Robbins in Bellevue (if you go there, be sure to say hi to Patricia for me!). You can see the picture of the event here Carol and Dan. We've set the wedding date for 16 October, 2004.
Updated 26 December 2003 - New Boy Toy!

Canon's Digital Rebel is the first SLR 6.3 Megapixel digital camera for under $1k and I'm the proud new owner of one of these. My latest and greatest new boy toy and I love it! High resolution pictures are 3000x2000 pixels. The Fuji camera I was using was only 640x480. My online photo album pictures are now posted as 1024x768.
Updated 3 September, 2003 - New Album Format

Revised the photo album.
Updated 9 August, 2003 - New Private Album

I've created Public and Private photo albums. Generic pictures with no personal content can be accessed from the Public/Photos link on the left. Private photos (no adult content, just regular family pictures, etc.) can be accessed from the Private/Photos link on the left. The Comcast/Snapfish Photo Center is used to store and share private photos. This site provides controlled access to photo albums. Each visitor must be pre-approved and enter email address and password in order to view the photo albums.
Updated 5 August, 2003 - Don't Tell

Here I begin a first in a series of editorials. The first begins with the subject of "Don't Tell". If anyone says this to you, they have something to hide and they are attempting to solicite your assistance in keeping it hidden. Whatever their reason is for keeping secrets is their reason, and by asking you not to tell anyone, they are asking you to make this your secret too. It is your choice if you decide to do so or not, but then you become a party to whatever crime is being committed. In general, a good policy is to resist the "Don't Tell" request. Simply respond with "I can't" do as you wish. You're not saying that you're going to go tell it to the world now, all you're saying is that you're not going to give up your right of speach. If someone asks something about the subject, or if you need to speak with someone about it, you're free to do so. It's your freedom, or your lack of it, it's your choice, not theirs.
Updated 10 February, 2003 - New ISP

It has been a while since I updated my page and lots has been going on. About two years ago I signed up for ATT Broadband Internet cable service and it has worked out well. I've only experienced a few outages and they were short lived. It's speedy and dependable, and enough so that I have decided to disconnect my ISDN phone service and two dialup ISPs and return to an analog phone line. This should save me about $150 a month in service fees. Yeah, it's about time - I could have done this long ago and probably should have. I'll be retaining my oz.net email and web account but terminating the ISDN dialup and static IP. I'll be terminating my dand98@gte.net (renamed to dandurbin@verizon.net) email, web, and ISDN dialup account. I'll also be terminating my second phone line but I'll be retaining my primary phone line. Know anyone that needs/wants an ISDN modem? ;)
I'm 1/3rd the way through IFR lessons, and hope to have my IFR certificate by the end of May. My Cessna 150 is still for sale. I've had a couple of nibbles on it, but no serious bites. Work and private life is going well. Not much else to say right now.
Updated 22 December, 2002 - Flying

Happy Holidays! The past few months have been very nice. I finally got both airplanes out of the shop and have put many flying hours on both of them. The latter part of this year has been great flying weather for the most part including November which is unusual. I've added some pictures to the Photo Album.
I signed up for IFR Ground School in September, completed it in November, and passed the FAA IFR written with 88% on November 26th. I've started my IFR Flight lessons and if I keep up with them, I should get my IFR certificate by March 2003. Hopefully I'll get lots of practice flying hours with my new found friend, safety pilot, and flying buddy Donna who just got her IFR certificate and is studying for her commercial.
Updated 18 August, 2002 - Airplanes

I haven't been flying much recently because both airplanes are still in the shop. The 150 is having its engine overhauled, and the 152 is having its cylindars re-chromated. Both are taking longer than planned, and it's been difficult being without an airplane to fly since the weather has been fantastic. So in the mean time, I've been doing some deep cleaning in my apartment. Over the past week I've decided to get out and start dating again. I've put up a new menu item, Personal, which contains personal information for dating purposes.
Updated 12 July, 2002 - News Bits

Today is my Birthday! I'm 39 again (for the 4th time). Had an ugh day at work - started out to solve 1 problem, and found 3 others. I decided to head out after work for a nice flight. My plan was to head to Seaside, Oregon but when I got there, a 1000 foot celing of coastal clouds covered the airport, so I headed further south to Manzanita. That's a nice little airport near a state park with camping and horseback riding.
I've also done some work on the webpage here.
Added a new section Electronics to the left column.
Added thumbnails to the Photo Album pages.
Updated the Games page.
Updated 10 July, 2002 - Created Photos Link

I've added a new section Photo Album to the left column.
Updated 07 July, 2002 - New Server

Pictures from our Sunday at Mom's.
I've migrated my oz.net and gte.net home pages to a new server. The bandwidth is lower, but the disk space is virtually unlimited. So I'll be adding photo albums for all to see.
Updated 02 July, 2002 - Bought C152

Pictures taken during my trip back from Sacramento. I purchased and flew the C152 back to Paine Field.
Updated 28 June, 2002 - C150 For Sale

My Cessna 150M is now for sale. I am upgrading to a Cessna 152.
Updated 10 September, 2001 - 4 PCs

My 4 PCs (the 4th is way off to the left and not used often).
Updated 9 September, 2001 - Flight Log

Flight Log 09/09/01, trip down south to visit Mom.
Updated 8 September, 2001 - Flight Log

Flight Log 09/08/01, a beautiful day for flying.
Updated 21 February, 2001 - Home Page Created

Dan's Home Page created.