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Dan's UO Characters

Dan's Games/UO Page

Hail and well met!


I am Excelsior of Sonoma. I came to Sonoma from a parallel world known as Pacific. I am also a survivor of a now no longer existing parallel world that was completely overrun by Deamons. In that world, I had become a member of the Shadows of Britannia (SoB). I had known many of them from another universe known as War2 IWL when I was known as KxUBut. But I did not follow them to the parallel world of Great Lakes when it was created. I instead went to Pacific. Here in Sonoma I now reside. I was born in Vesper a mage and soon moved to the fair island of Occlo. There, I worked as a tailor until I saved enough money to buy reagents and work on my magery skill.


I traveled alone, but after much training and practice, became strong enough to survive even the foulest of creatures and set out to fight the evil monsters that reside in the Dungeons of Hythloth and Deceit. Although I have been to other dungeons, I rarely visited them for the best treasures and fights were to be found in these two dungeons. I wear all bone armor, a bright blue robe, and dark blue mage's cap, short apron, and cape. I save all magic plate armor I find for the one day I feel safe to wear plate.


There is one foul evil that I still feared, and even though they are of my same race, these murderers have chosen a life consisting of killing innocent people and robbing them of their belongings. I had learned to be able to escape these killers, but most of them had found ways to instantly kill even those who tried to run. I vowed someday to become strong enough to face them and fight instead of running.

My Horse and Order of the Octopus

There are many animals in my new home of Occlo, and I practiced taming them. One day while venturing in Hythloth, from another room I could see another fine Warrior by the name of TimeLord of the Order of the Octopus guild (OCT). He was on a horse. I felt that soon I would have one of my own. After a short time, I noticed that his horse had become dismayed and had wondered off. Before I could run over to help, TimeLord had left and his horse seemed abandoned. I had never tamed a horse before so I thought I'd try. After a few tries, the horse obeyed my commands! I was delighted and promised to return this horse to its master. A day or two passed before I got message from TimeLord that he wished that I keep the horse. Wow! My first horse! I was delighted and named it Justice. I chose this name because I vowed that when I became strong enough, Justice is what I would deliver with blows from my sword and magic to those foul murderers of the land. I have found all members of the OCT guild to be brave, honorable and dedicated to fighting the evil that plagues the land. Since then I have come to know other members of the guild including staxx, Sir Lancelot, Conan.

My Brother and Friends

I was delighted when my brother Black Talon and some old friends from Vesper GaretJax and MacTavish also decided to become warriors in the fight against evil. My concentration at this point was to help my brother and friends become skilled enough to survive attacks by murderers. I taught them ways of magic and they increased their survivability. However, they still quite frequently fell to the savage attacks of murderers. Before long, each one of them had died, and decided no longer to seek out the healers and seek resurrection. I found myself alone in this world again.

Knights of The Creed

KoTC [Stricken from the record]

My Houses

After many trips to Deceit and Hythloth gathering loot from the slain monsters, I saved enough money to buy a small blacksmith and a two-story house. The area next to the small city of Cove was unpopulated so I built my houses there. Soon after, the murdering guild of AoD built their towers nearby, but I'm away from home most of the time so they haven't bothered me.

Templar Knights

In my travels to Hythloth, I found level four to be the most interesting. I've met and made friends with many warriors of different types there. However, I found that recently, the monsters seem to come in much larger numbers and if one is alone when they come, one stands a good chance of being surrounded and overcome by their numbers. I met a fine warrior by the name of Amekusis and battled along side him many times. He soon welcomed me to his guild the Templar Knights (TK) and I am now proud to wear their emblem. I've grown to know, like, and depend on Amakusis, Amekusis, Scott, Samael, Kayz, Scooby Doo, and other members of this guild. It was at the time that I joined this guild, that I began to wear plate armor, a yellow cape, and blue sash.


Even with the help of TK, there are still times I find myself overcome by the monstrous evil in Hythloth. But there is now a new evil that plagues the dungeon. Looters such as Lord Satan, Beyond POSTAL, and many others have taken to waiting for warriors to die then rush in, hide, and loot their bodies. Some looters have even been known to open doors freeing monsters to overpower warriors just so they can loot the overcome warriors. Since our fair Lord British laws do not allow us to fight this evil without penalty, I have become disinterested in fighting in the dungeons anymore. There are too many hellhounds, Deamons, and looters in level 3 and 4 of Hythloth. Maybe someday, our lawmakers will allow us to kill the filthy looters that all so commonly strip fallen warriors of their belongings.

The F*ckheads

One day in Occlo, I met another Great Lord by the name of Brucifer de la F. I had heard of him and his guild from long long ago even before the world of Sosoria was commonly populated. He offered to spar with me and I quickly accepted saying I would so with honor. We sparred and talked and I was happy I could introduce myself for I had great respect for his Guild. Since then, I've met Pleaque, Smoky, SilentBob, Tesla, Celtarus, Grogan, Canadian, Hypoluxa, Hor, Crayfish, Telemachas, Firestar, Xylo, and Lance Goodthrust.

Break In at TK Tower

My guild has a tower in which we meet, repair armor, and discuss the future and our goals. One day I traveled there only to find the tower empty of all furniture and belongings. We discovered that Dread Lords had found Harm Wands that would kill instantly and had killed one of our members and obtained a key. At this point, we all vowed to fight the foul murderous Dread Lords of the land. I called my friends at OCT, and F's and told them of the news. Soon, I would be joining in murderer hunts.

The Hunt

One day, I joined up with some members of the F's to engage in battle. Over the next 3 days, I fought with them in many battles against the evil murderous scum of the world and had seen more Dread Lords die than in the previous two months! For once, I didn't have to run for we overpowered and outnumbered those that we encountered. Finally! I had found my destiny and can hold true to my long held vow to slay the murderers of this land in an attempt to keep it safe for the innocent and defenseless.

My Vow

It is with this conviction that I now announce my vow to the world of Britannia. I, Excelsior, vow to bring JUSTICE to those foul and cowardice murderers of this land. I shall SACRIFICE myself without regret in the battle against the Dread Lords. I shall with COMPASSION offer my assistance, extra amour and weapons, and help to the innocent and defenseless. I shall do my best to uphold the virtues of HUMILITY. HONOR. SPIRITUALITY. VALOR and HONESTY.