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Aviation Links


Flight Information

  • DUATS Flight Briefing, CSC DUATS on the Web provides immediate on-line access to U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved information including: Current, continuously updated weather information, Easy-to-understand plain language weather, Flight plan filing and closing, Automated flight planning. Free access to Computer Sciences Corporation DUATS is available to U.S. pilots and student pilots who hold current medical certificates, flight instructors without current medicals, aviation ground instructors, glider/balloon pilots and other approved users in the U.S. aviation community.
  • Landings: Search Engines: Top Aviation Search Interfaces

Airport Information

  • AirNav provides free access to detailed aeronautical information on airports and navigational aids in the USA. We offer some fast database searches, allowing the pilot to retrieve information which may assist in flight planning. It's also useful for some hangar flying on those days when the weather or the checkbook keep you on the ground.


  • Garmin makes several lines of low cost consumer GPS units for hiking, boating, and aviation.
  • Tom's GPS Pages provides some good extended information on Garmin GPS units that you can't get from Garmin.
  • II Morrow, Inc. Now known as Garmin Aviation Technologies) Whatever you fly, II Morrow has an Advanced Navigation & Communication Solution to meet your needs.

    Also, for the next generation in ATC/Pilot equipment for air traffic separation, check out ADS-B is a function on an aircraft or surface vehicle that broadcasts position, altitude, vector and other information for use by other aircraft, vehicles, and by ground facilities. ADS-B supports improved use of airspace, reduced ceiling/visibility restrictions, improved surface surveillance, and enhanced safety (such as conflict management) for users.
  • The Co-Pilot is the most sophisticated vehicle compass ever sold to the public. Its high-tech, sleek design makes it ideal for both the aesthetically discerning and electronically savvy driver. Unlike traditional floating-ball compasses, the Co-Pilot compensates for a vehicle's magnetic interference. It also mounts easily on any windshield or dashboard.


  • AVEMCO will provide you with detailed information about AVEMCO insurance products and other safety-related topics. You can learn about the many benefits of our aviation policies and programs, read a full copy of the policy, request an online Direct Approach® 2000 quote and be sure to check out our Non-Owner's Insurance Program, too!
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