Summer 1998

My niece Meghan and I are planning a two week vacation during which we will fly in my Cessna 150 from Seattle to San Diego (also San Diego) and back. We値l be staying at campsites, with relatives, and with friends. Since my plane has a small carrying capacity, we値l have to travel lightly and bring only 4 days change of clothes and so will be doing laundry every 4 days. But we plan to do some sight seeing on the way down and back, as well as celebrating July 4th, Matt痴 birthday, and my birthday during the vacation. We値l also visit some parks and attractions.

We値l visit our friends Matt, Jennifer, Kayleigh, and Brenna who were my neighbors when I lived there. We will also visit Tom and Julie Lebens. Tom graduated from Cal Poly SLO the same year I graduated.

During the week in San Diego, we値l visit San Diego Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park , San Diego Zoo and Sea World. We値l also have a chance to fly out to Catalina Island, Calexico, and also drive to La Jolla and Torre Pines Golf Course.

Departure day revised due to inclimate weather on Friday. New departure day is Saturday.

Daily Plan


03-Jul Friday

Mt St Helens (canceled)

Depart Home (canceled)

04-Jul Saturday


New Departure Day July 4th

05-Jul Sunday

Padres Baseball (canceled)


06-Jul Monday

San Diego Zoo


07-Jul Tuesday

Balboa Park

Catalina Isle

08-Jul Wednesday

SD Wild Animal Park


09-Jul Thursday

Tour La Jolla

Hot Water Springs

10-Jul Friday

Sea World

Matt's Bday

11-Jul Saturday

Beach Barbecue

Visit Tom and Julie

12-Jul Sunday

Champaign Brunch

Dan's Bday

13-Jul Monday


Visit Sonny

14-Jul Tuesday



15-Jul Wednesday



16-Jul Thursday

Palm Springs

Death Valley and Isabella Lakes

17-Jul Friday

Visit Kuren


18-Jul Saturday

Mount Shasta

Trinity Lake

19-Jul Sunday

Home Arrive Home  


Flight Plan



Contact Information

To contact me, send email to dand oz net